Eir Pharmaceuticals, LLC

Eir Pharmaceuticals is a development stage biotechnology company focused on developing and commercializing health, wellness and pharmaceutical products​. The Company’s proprietary biotechnology platform is designed to capture value across multiple markets, with applications for animal health, human consumer, and human health. 

Our Team

CEO / Board Manager

PhD Biochemistry

20+ years laboratory experience with metabolic proteins and drug discovery

Board of Managers Chairman

PhD Organic Chemistry

  40+ years animal & human health experience

Board Manager

BS Systematics & Ecology

20+ years management and financial experience 

Board Manager

PhD Genetics

Chair, Division of Pharmacology and Pharmaceutical Sciences - UMKC

Our Technology

Eir Animal Health

Pet food and treats (coming soon)

Pet shampoo/conditioner (coming soon)

Topical anti-itching/anti-inflammatory cream and spray (coming soon)

Eir Human Health

Anti-cancer treatments (coming soon)

Eir Consumer Goods

Wellness beverages (coming soon)

Shampoo/Conditioner/Styling gel (coming soon)

Topical anti-itching/anti-inflammatory cream and spray (coming soon)

Anti-aging cosmetics (coming soon)


Contact skaff@eirpharmaceuticals.com to get more information on the project