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Eir Pharmaceuticals, LLC, is a Kansas City-based biotechnology startup company focused on developing and commercializing health, wellness and pharmaceutical products for humans and animals.  Our unique approach uses an intense science-based vetting system and a business-minded, scientific philosophy in pursuing products that are both commercially viable and provide a significant health benefit.  Our team has a strong history in drug discovery, drug development, regulatory affairs and commercialization, making us well-suited to take products from concept to the marketplace.


Our Team

William (Bill) Duncan, Ph.D. – Chief Executive Officer 

Dr. Duncan’s formal training is in Organic Chemistry, and his astute business acumen has served him well in his 40+ years involved in the performance and management of a broad spectrum of technical activities in human and animal health. Through his efforts in establishing the KC Animal Health Corridor, companies with a strategic business location within the Kansas City Animal Health Corridor now represent 56% of total $88.2bn worldwide animal health, diagnostics and pet food sales. He was the 2016 recipient of the prestigious Iron Paw Award, an animal health industry lifetime achievement award. Some of the many positions Dr. Duncan has successfully held include: President of the Kansas City Life Sciences Institute, Vice President of Technical Operations and Director of Marketing Strategy at Midwest Research Institute (now MRI Global). Dr. Duncan serves on the Board of Directors of three animal and/or human health companies. Previously, he served as a board member of KansasBio, MOBIO, and a number of civic leadership organization boards and advisory committees. Dr. Duncan is the author/co-author of 30+ scientific publications, and a member of numerous professional associations and organizations. 

D. Andrew Skaff, Ph.D. – Chief Scientific Officer / Chief Operations Officer 

Dr. Skaff’s academic background was primarily focused on the structure/function relationship of metabolic proteins and has provided a foundation for achieving a deeper understanding of biological processes with the goal of discovering solutions for human diseases and control or prevention of microbial infections.  Andrew received a Ph.D. in Biochemistry from Iowa State University studying human brain hexokinase and its release from the mitochondrial membrane.  With his background in enzyme kinetics, he shifted to large scale screening of compound libraries in search of lead compounds for inhibition of the cholesterol synthesis pathway, which has applications as an alternative to the statin-class of drugs as well as antimicrobial effects.  He then applied the understanding of these physical techniques to computationally screening millions of compounds to aid in more rapidly identifying lead compounds at a significantly lower cost.  As the Principal Scientist at Zorilla Research, Andrew led a number of computational drug discovery projects with both corporate and academic partnerships. 

Julie Sailors - Chief Financial Officer
Julie Sailors brings more than fifteen years of operational, financial, and strategic planning experience to Eir Pharmaceuticals. Prior to joining Eir Pharmaceuticals, Julie served as Director of Operations of the Venture Accelerator, a Bioscience incubator formerly owned by Kansas Bioscience Authority. Julie combined a robust structure of contract vendors with sound internal fiscal policies and communication practices as she managed the 40k square foot, certified LEED™ Gold Life Science incubator. She used her extensive knowledge and strong work ethic to perform duties including facility management, accounting activities, financial audits, as well as grant and contract administration. Experience working with Life Science companies has highlighted the value of connecting entrepreneurs and researchers. Julie holds a BS in Systematics and Ecology from the University of Kansas. 


Our Technology

Eir Animal Health

Pet food and treats (coming soon)

Pet shampoo/conditioner (coming soon)

Topical anti-itching/anti-inflammatory creme and spray (coming soon)

Eir Human Health

Anti-cancer treatments (coming soon)

Eir Consumer Goods

Lifestyle beverages (coming soon)

Shampoo/Conditioner/Styling gel (coming soon)


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